About Nigeria Skits Industry Awards

A recognition of Young Nigerians

Nigeria Skits Industry Awards

They have changed our entertainment land scape, and through these creative audio-visual presentations, they have further consolidated our place in the Arts world in Africa and now the 1st NIGERIA SKITS INDUSTRY RECOGNITION AWARDS comes to acknowledge these impactful young Nigerians in the order of CANNES FILM FESTIVAL, GRAMMY AWARDS, BET MUSIC AWARDS.

The Spectacle


Our can do spirit; Our Strength and Identity.
They are young; they are creative they have become a part of our lives individually and corporately.
- They are Nigerians
They make us laugh, happy and use SKITS CREATIVELY to satirically communicate the ills of the society to make our societies and nation better beyond the jokes, snazzy, short witty presentations.
- They are Nigerians
They have demonstrated courage in the face of fear, commitment in the face of weariness and purposefulness in the face of challenges.
- They are Nigerians
They have made something out of nothing, made an industry out of sheer determination to survive well and earn livelihood legitimately.
- They are Nigerians
They represent the new face of entertainment, showing the “can do spirit” and the “never say die” spirit of Nigerians.
- They are Nigerians
You have seen them individually, watched and enjoyed their creative skills now it’s time to acknowledge, celebrate and reward them.
- They are Nigerians

They have chosen not to follow beaten tracks but charted courses with their own trails.

Core Objective of the Award

From the North to the South, East to the West these bundles of energy and talents abound, daily producing re-invigorating SKIT presentations that have collectively become so relevant to our daily lives and can longer be denied or ignored.
Through this industry, thousands of jobs have been created, livelihood secured, different inspiring talents discovered and today many of the young players have found their places in life, living in comfort and satisfaction, and facing future with unbridled energy and hope.
To underscore their undeniable place in our day to day lives, they have become one of the most important community of INFLUENCERS with millions of followers within Nigeria and outside.
This group of young persons who are self made success stories have become the faces of the new “Nigeria Story” at a time such as this when the negative narrative of hopelessness is strong, these young persons have become personality beacons to change that narrative, and now eloquently represent and reflect that with the will a way will open.
They have chosen not to follow beaten tracks but charted courses with their own trails.
It therefore becomes expedient and well placed to acknowledge, recognise and appreciate what they represent both individually and collectively, for redefining our happiness in many ways through their acts that we cannot ignore or deny.
It must be emphasized that a lot of backend efforts goes into the short, snazzy productions with heavy message delivered using the witty vehicle.

They have chosen not to follow beaten tracks but charted courses with their own trails.

Ultimate Destination Of The Nigeria Skits Industry Awards Sustainably

  • This Annual Recognition Awards Is To Further Create A More Structured Industry And With That Open More Opportunities For Young People To Discover And Develop Their Talents And Take Benefits Due To Them And The Industry.
  • This Will Open Doors For More Support, And Discovery From Individuals, Corporate Bodies And, Government.
  • Increase The Value Proposition Inherent In This Talent And Creativity Driven Industry As It Obtains In The Entertainment Industry Worldwide.
  • External Awareness For This Talented Young Nigerians And The Industry Within And Outside Nigeria.
  • Institute An Industry Support Endowment Scheme (ISES), From Financial To Technical.
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