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Published Date: 11/12/2021


When we conceived the Nigeria Skits Industry Awards, you accepted to be the Creative Director.

You interpreted all out thought in your very detailed creative direction, from the logo to the color scheme and general branding you did them all.

We pushed so hard together to take the project to the humble level we are at today, even from your Sick bed, you kept churning out great creatives.

We looked forward to the zenith of our efforts together, the designs for the Awards night was to look like Grammy as you often say, and this would be the Oscars of the Nigeria Skits Industry.

Just at the nick of delivery on this great vision, couple of days to the accomplishments of the very first in the series of a lot of plans that is supposed to complement the talent, creativity and determination of young Nigerians in their chosen field, icy cold hands of death took you away. This was a bad card pulled on us. A morbid act.

This day we remember your inputs with profound gratitude, your good works will remain eternal.

Ultimately this initiative will be an eternal reminder of a very sound and gifted man that we had the privilege of delivering on a vision with.
Your loving memory we will remain committed to deliver on this vision that you were a veritable part of.

While we will commit to go on, we are constrained to postpone the AWARDS as a modicum of respect for the last project you worked on even from your sick bed.
We grieve and mourn you, a dependable compatriot, accomplished graphic artist, and visionary Nigerian

Adieu...Our Colleague, Brother, Visioner and Friend.