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Skit artistes who collaborate regularly with another in their performance

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Emmauella &. Mark

Emmauella / Mark Angel

Ada J. / Brain J.

Ada Jesus / Brain Jotter

Nasty B. / Sydney T.

Nasty Blaq / Sydney Talker

Baba A. / Lizzy J.

Baba Alariya / Lizzy Jay

Woli A. / Dele O. W.

Woli Agba / Dele Omo Woli

Oluwadolarz . / Kie K.

Oluwadolarz / Kie Kie

Broda S. / Officer W.

Broda Shaggi / Officer Woos

Mr M. / Mummy W.

Mr Macaroni / Mummy Wa

Mr M. / Isbae U.

Mr Macaroni / Isbae U

Taaooma . / Master L. C.

Taaooma / Master Lee Comedian

Crazycrown . / Ade .

Crazycrown / Ade

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